Little Mix’s Complicated Relationship with Feminism

by deliagoode


By Elizabeth Stebbins

Though only formed in 2011 during the eighth season of The X-Factor UK, British four-piece girl band Little Mix has already released two albums, headlined a tour, and planned another for 2014. While certainly more popular in the UK, through a connection with fellow X-Factor successes One Direction, their American fan base, comprised mostly of young girls, has grown exponentially.

Their most recent album, Salute, is noteworthy not just because the group co-wrote it, but also because it celebrates individuality and independence. The title track, a call-to-arms for “ladies all around the world” to “represent the women,” is pretty cool—despite its tacky premise. How often is an album about being a woman, instead of about a woman’s relationship with a man? How often do female pop stars promote unity, friendship, or sisterhood?

I remember being utterly distressed as a girl when I read that Hilary Duff…

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